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Dark, Stormy, Monstrous

February 4, 2010 4 comments

Two references in this mash-up comic. Name both.

Answer: Charlie Brown meets Kafka’s Metamorphosis.

Cracked completely by KCG and Nitish. Manish Achuth and me missed the zigzag t-shirt.


A little crazy in the margins

September 9, 2009 2 comments

Parodies of Batman, Superman and Spiderman as drawn by a ‘marginalised’ [so to speak] artist. Who?


Cracked by Sohan and Varun Gupta.

Answer: Sergio Aragones famous for the cartoons in the margins of Mad Magazine amongst other features.

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Sometimes they are 18, Sometimes 40

September 4, 2009 2 comments


The easy part – what location is being talked about. The real question though is which spiritual(?) and abstinence-preaching comic book series [that was prematurely cancelled] is this taken from?

Cracked by Ankit Sethi and Varun Gupta.

Answer: Depiction of Khajuraho, India in American Virgin.

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I like to movie-t movie-t!!!

September 2, 2009 2 comments

Full happy we are. Our first video question!!!

Question: There is a subtle reference being made in this video with respect to the ending of the movie. Please explain.

video can also be viewed here: metacafe link

Cracked yet again by Sohan & Alleycat.

Answer:  Xavier in this clip talks about transferring one’s consciousness into another’s body. Thats how in the secret ending of X3 shown after the credits, Charles Xavier apppears in the hospital though he was shattered to pieces by Phoenix. Meaning he will be back!!!!!

See the ending scene here and read about it here.

Who are they?

August 31, 2009 3 comments




Cracked by Sohan & Alleycat.

Answer: Blake and Mortimer by Edgar P. Jacobs, who appears as in the Tintin panel shown.

@Alleycat : Incidentally this can constitute as an upcoming-movie-funda since Hugh Laurie & Keifer Sutherland are rumoured to star in a Blake Mortimer adventure movie adaptation. Two cool!!

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August 15, 2009 6 comments

Which famous characters being “portrated” here, and which film?
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Cracked by Ankit Mahendru, Srinivas V, SandmaN, Pod and Alleycat.

Answer: The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn. Tintin and Captain Haddock.

Towards the Moon

August 10, 2009 1 comment

This is arguably the world’s first what?




Went uncracked. Harish was the only one to attempt the question and came quite close. The creator is George Mathen, the author of Moonward, however this is one of his earlier works that claims to be the world’s first graphic band biography [whatever that means] for a Bangalore/Bengaluru based band called Lounge Piranha. You can read it here.