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Make Something Cool Every Day

December 1, 2009 8 comments

An expressionist painting depicting which classic addiction?

Cracked by kcgadiyar, Nitish, raklodramA, Santosh, and Sohan. Pod gave a very specific wrong answer and My3 was misled by the addiction clue.

Answer: Donkey Kong

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By any other, would smell as sweet.

September 19, 2009 4 comments

I’ll have the usual: Identify , explain and connect.

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Cracked by: Manish Achuth, Champakali, Ankit Sethi & Nitish Khadiya!

Answer: Laila aur Majnu. 1. George Harrison and Patti Boyd – Clapton wrote the song Layla for Patti. 2.  aaja nachle – the dance drama in the movie is laila majnu 3.  Laila Majnu – the movie starring Rishi Kapoor and Ranjeeta Kaur 4. A painting depicting Laila and Majnu

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September 13, 2009 5 comments

Identify both.

12-09-09Simple enough for everyone!!

Answer: Henry Winkler and the statue at Milwaukee of the Fonz aka Fonzie aka Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli

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Sachchi Yeh Kahaani Hai

August 6, 2009 10 comments

Paintings by an actress/singer/writer who once had created controversy by writing a poem about another famous actress having an affair with her then-husband [who is a famous movie Director] and breaking up her marriage. Just identify the painter of these paintings called “Flowers in the Wind”, “Who’s in the cage” and “Implosion”.


Imploded by Aravind, Varun Gupta, Akarshan Gupta, Ankit Mahendru, Rahul Sachdeva, Pod, Ashwin, Sreekanth and Sandeep! I guess the post title made it too easy.

Answer: Paintings are by Shekar Kapur’s ex-wife, Suchitra Krishnamurthi. She accused Preity Zinta of being a home-breaker, saying –

%$^@%$ with the daddies, ignore the mommies,
and pretend pretend pretend!

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