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  • The questions will all be under the broooaad definition of Popular Culture <both Indian & International>. Ambiguous connections to popular culture might just creep in as time goes by.
  • The questions will have some/all of its content in Audio/Visual form.
  • The blog is open to public.
  • The Blog will have one question per day. Posted usually around midnight. Answers need to given as a comment: answer – name <url, if u wish> It will not show up as soon as you post, but will be screened for a while. The next day when we post the next question, we post all the answers, names of the ones who have the answer right, and award points.

The Quiz Club

The IIM Indore Quiz Club is responsible for all the non-academic quizzing that happens on campus. IIM Indore has traditionally had a very good quizzing culture and the Quiz Club always looks to sustain and then build on that.

Nihilanth: A true reflection of the quizzing culture at IIM Indore lies in its conception of Nihilanth, the annual inter IIT-IIM quiz festival. Started in 2003, this was IIM Indore’s way of bringing the quizzing talents from all the IITs and the IIMs under one roof, thus creating a one of a kind environment where the best technical and managerial minds of the country come together.

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