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Tata Crucible 2010 – Campus Edition – Indore Round

February 23, 2010 18 comments

We take a small departure from Pop-Culture and bring to you the questions from the Indore Round of Tata Crucible’s Campus Edition. Of course, our excuse here is that Tata Crucible itself has become an integral part of pop culture 🙂

This year saw a huge turnout of 242 teams at Indore. The Prelims were on the easier side, with Giri giving lots of clues [we think, one too many, at times] to the participants.

The Finals saw a slight departure from the usual Tata Crucible fare with the introduction of two new rules for the first 12 questions. Firstly, incremental scoring on a pass, so the team that gets a direct question gets +6 on answering correctly, and if it passes the next team gets 6+1 and so on. So, if the question moves across the stage and the last team answers they get +11. Secondly, teams may go for a Power Play [in which case they get +6/-3] on their direct question. Each team can do so only once in the set of 12. Interesting innovations indeed, and since it worked in our favour we aren’t complaining, however, it needs to be seen how it pans out in the other cities.

We have tried to reproduce the questions as we remember them therefore the wording of the questions as asked might have been slightly different. Highlight text below questions to see answers.


1. Which company now owns brands such as Canada Dry, RC Cola and the soft drink Schweppes?’
Ans: Cadbury Schweppes [now owned by Kraft Foods]

2. This company was initially called Quantum Computer Services and had a product called Quantum Link [Q-Link]. Which American online company is this?
Ans: AOL

3. Identify

Ans: Peter Drucker

4. Vikram Pandit is the CEO of which international bank?
Ans: Citibank

5. PayPal, StubHub, and GittiGidiyor are all owned by which company?
Ans: eBay

6. Logo of which company. We have all held their products in our hands.

Ans: Tetrapak
7. “We live to deliver” is the tagline of which international logistics company?
Ans: Fedex
8. FoMoCo is a division that sells aftermarket parts under the Motorcraft brand name for which automobile giant?
Ans: Ford Motor Company
9. Identify this person who wants you to Think Big.
Ans: Donald Trump
10. Identify the advertiser. Big name in the field of retail.
Ans: Big Bazaar
11. Mascot for?
Ans: Duracell
Note To Self: This is what the Energizer Bunny looks like.
12. GI Joe, Mr. Potato Head, Transformers, Pokemon, and Star Wars range of toys are all manufactured by which company?
Ans: Hasbro
13. Which company was started in 1888 by Robert Wood along with James Wood and Edward Mead with their first product being sterile surgical dressings?
Ans: Johnson and Johnson
14. Identify this media moghul.
Ans: Ted Turner
15. Which company was founded on February 19, 1906, by Will Keith as an outgrowth of his work with his brother John Harvey at the Battle Creek Sanitarium?
Ans: Kellog’s
16. Logo of?
Ans: Louis Vuitton
17. Midwest Airlines began in 1948, when this company began providing air transportation for company executives and engineers between the company’s Neenah, Wisconsin headquarters, and company owned paper mill. Which company?
Ans: Kimberly Clark
18. Which company operates Banknet, a global telecommunications network linking acquirers and data processing centers into a single financial network?
Ans: Mastercard
19. Which restaurant chain would you be looking for if you were using a HUT locator?
Ans: Pizza Hut
20. Audio clip – “Pocket Mein Rocket Hai”. Which company produced the movie?
Ans: Yash Raj Films

Wild Card Round 1
1. Who has been left out in this list FC Kohli, _____________, N Chandrashekharan.
Ans: S Ramadorai [CEOs of TCS]
2. Who is the CEO of London-based UK Tradecorp Ltd and has a stake in Indian sports.
Ans: Raj Kundra
3. Jasmine Soap which is [apparently] very popular in these parts, is a brand of which company?
Ans: Godrej
4. Which fabric has hooks and loops?
Ans: Velcro
5. It was started in 1952 by California based Pacific Mills and then became a part of Kayser-Roth and then Gulf and Western Industries, before being acquired by Donald Trump in 1996. Which event?
Ans: Miss Universe
6. “Journalism of Courage”
Ans: Indian Express

Wild Card Round 2
1. This company in an effort to bring in people from different walks of life included Javed Akhtar in its board. Which company?
Ans: Jet Airways
2. “Sense and Sensibility”
Ans: Philips
3. Rajvilas, Udaivilas and Amarvilas are all owned by?
Ans: Oberoi Hotels
4. It was founded as the Graphics group as part of Lucasfilm it is now owned by Walt Disney. What?
Ans: Pixar
5. ISO 216 is the standard specification for which common product used in offices.
Ans: Paper
6. CC is the codename [buzz]
Ans: Coca Cola

Round 1 – 20:20
1. It is known as RINGS in Bulgaria, CHATS in Hungary and CHAPS in UK. What is it known as in India?
2. In 1895, five engineering firms conceptualized this and set up the Engineering and Iron Trade Association of India. What is it known as now?
Ans: CII
3.  It had its beginnings during 1930 when its founder Emanuel Stolaroff, founded a cosmetic company known as Natone. What is it known as now?
Ans: Neutrogena
4. In 1844, George Williams was drawn to big cities by the Industrial Revolution and with 12 others decided to meet and discuss issues in pursuit of a better life and set up a youngster’s association. What?
5. With the idea that the two same alphabets would look good in ads, a book keeper penned a famous trademark in flowing script. Which trademark?
Ans: Coca Cola
6. Originally incorporated in September 2000 in California under the name Onscan Technologies India Private Limited as a spin off from Infosys, the company relocated to India and is a big player in the VAS telecom segment. Which company?
Ans: OnMobile

Round 2 – Stump Vision
1. Identify the logo.
Ans: European Central Bank
2. Name the organization this person was president and chairman of.
Ans: General Motors [Alfred P. Sloan]
3. Visual of a person bowling. Person is the head of an organization.
Ans: RK Pachauri of IPCC
4. Visual of CK Prahlad and Gary Hamel’s Core Competency Framework.
5. Old logo of?
Ans: Nestle
6.  Visual of Rustomji. Which company did he start?
Ans: Balsara Group

Round 3 – Tata Round
1.  Freelander in India and Europe is known as what in US?
Ans: Land Rover
2. Which TATA company has launched a website called the Human Touch of Chemistry an interactive website for children on chemistry and science?
Ans: TATA Chemicals
3. Madhukar Dev heads which TATA company in the business of creating animation and graphics for other firms?
Ans: TATA Elxsi
4. Carved out of Tata Steel from its Town Services Division in 2004 this TATA Company is India’s only comprehensive urban infrastructure service provider.

Round 4 – Third Umpire
1. John Cadbury, Gorilla  Ad, Dr. Pepper, Snapple – Cadbury
2. Mohenjo Daro symbol, Amul girl, Video Ad, – GCMMF
3. Vimal
Ans: Meow FM, Music Today, Arun Shourie – India Today Group

Round 5 – Slog Overs
Ans: Dabur
“Designed by Curiosity”
Ans: Godrej
Ans: HAL
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Apparently, their teacher said it.

February 20, 2010 4 comments

Who are these guys lying on the red carpet?

Cracked by kcgadiyar, Sohan, Santosh & my3.

Answer: Members of the band OK GO in their classic attire, at one of the Grammys.

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Paying respect.

February 19, 2010 3 comments

Guest question from Champakali. What are all these, and for what cause were they all brought together?

Cracked completely only by Sania.

Answer: Cover Art of Inglourious Basterds for Haiti Quake Relief. link

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February 16, 2010 8 comments

One of the earliest lesbian references in popular Indian cinema. Name the movie.

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Super fast, super cute.

February 15, 2010 5 comments

How do we better know the pretty lady?

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Scared by black bird.

February 13, 2010 13 comments

For this comedian’s next big performance, he looked at the famous twins’ <below> for inspiration. Which performance or rather, which ‘roles’?

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Vulcan Salute – How many fingers do I have up?

February 12, 2010 4 comments

Two unrelated appearances by William Shatner, though he was not being awarded at either of the award shows. One was funny, the other was painful. Explain both.

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