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Who are they?

August 31, 2009 3 comments




Cracked by Sohan & Alleycat.

Answer: Blake and Mortimer by Edgar P. Jacobs, who appears as in the Tintin panel shown.

@Alleycat : Incidentally this can constitute as an upcoming-movie-funda since Hugh Laurie & Keifer Sutherland are rumoured to star in a Blake Mortimer adventure movie adaptation. Two cool!!

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Hell Yeah!

August 31, 2009 2 comments

Which is the most famous avatar that is missing from this list ?

30-08-09 (4) 30-08-09 (3) 30-08-09 (5)

Cracked by Alleycat & Sohan!!!

Answer : Glenn Jacobs as Fake Diesel , Dr. Isaac Yankem and then later as Kane.

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Almost as if from a burning bush.

August 29, 2009 2 comments

A repost, since the question was apparently not clear.

This is a poster that depicts what the guy in the next pic formulated.



Answered by Alleycat & Varun!!

Answer: Motion Picture Production Code or The Hays Code. The 1st visual depicts the 10 commandments that were relevant to portrayal of women in cinema. 2nd is William/Will H. Hays

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Before & After. What?

August 28, 2009 2 comments


a (1)

Cracked by Gautam & AlleyCat

Answer: TRON < 1 – Merchandise from the 1982 movie. 2 – from the upcoming movie>

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Simply identify / connect.

August 26, 2009 4 comments


z (1)

Cracked by Kaustuba & Aditya R.

Answer: Album Covers of Kings of Leon’s Only By The Night. The 1st is the UK cover. 2nd is the Rorschach image – American cover,

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All promos for ?

August 24, 2009 8 comments

24-08-09 (2) 24-08-09 (4)

24-08-09 (3) 24-08-09

Cracked by everyone again!!!
Answer: Promos for one of the most awaited movies this year: District 9

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Momma’s boy or … ?

August 21, 2009 6 comments

After yesterday’s apparent bouncer, a simple one.

Identify this poster – one among a series of controversial ones.


Cracked by everybody!!!

Sorry for the delay.


Season-4-Promo-Poster-dexter 1

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